How to avoid 5G and EMF Radiation in Honolulu and Beyond

We Surveyed Honolulu for EMFs We measured Honolulu area for EMF radiation in the VHF-RF range to find EMF free zones, determine background levels, and locate worst sources of electrosmog pollution in Hawaii. EMFs are virtually undetectable by any of the five human senses,…

Dangers of 5G and EMF Radiation

dangers of EMFs and 5G

EMFs are dangerous to health EMFs (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) including 5G are invisible, untouchable, and virtually undetectable, but they pose significant health risks to humans and other living beings according to many leading health experts of today and numerous scientific studies throughout the years….

Maui GMO Moratorium

Maui County GMO Moratorium was┬áruled invalid by the U.S. District Court Judge Susan Oki Mollway. It was another clear case of failed Democracy in the U.S. and Hawaii.┬áMajority of residents of Maui County voted in favor of GMO Moratorium to ban GMO use until…