Beefsteak Tomato plants


Organic Beefsteak tomato plants available for sale!

Beefsteak Tomatoes organically grown in 1.5” or 3.5” biodegradable OMRI certified organic pots and organic soil. From USDA organic certified seed. Very healthy! Disease and pest free!

Seedlings: $1.50 each or $3.50 each.

1 gallon pots: $8 each

Local pick up only in Honolulu after check out.
Mahalo and happy growing!



Harvest: Beefsteak tomatoes produce large tomato fruit perfect for slicing, eating raw, and recipes. Indeterminate so keeps on growing! Likes full sun, moisture, and occasional organic fertilizer.

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1 gallon pot, 1.5" pot, 3.5" pot