Cucumber plants – Burpless Long Japanese (Shio Kyuri)


Organically grown Cucumber plants for sale! Cucumber variety is non-gmo Burpless Long Japanese (Shio Kyuri) organically grown from local Hawaiian seeds. This is a type of popular Japanese cucumber that is long, juicy, and crunchy. Best eaten fresh (raw) or lightly pickled.

Comes in 3.5″ organic biodegradable pots or 1 gallon regular pot



These cucumbers are grown in OMRI certified organic soil and in certified organic biodegradable 3.5″ pots or 1 gallon pots using all natural organic methods. Grown from local Hawaii non-gmo seed. Ready to be transplanted into soil, larger pot or container.

Transplanting is very easy – 3.5″ organic pots disintegrate in the soil. Just stick them in the planting hole, cover the edges of the pot, and water!

Cucumber seedlings should take only about 40 days to first harvest! With an ongoing harvest if you give it love!

Plant it in sunny (at least 6hrs of daily Sun) fertile soil, keep it moist daily, feed it organic chicken manure and/or organic compost every week and give it space to climb it should do great.

Pick up only in Honolulu after check out.

Mahalo and happy growing!

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1 gallon pot, 3.5" pot