Noni seeds (Morinda citrifolia)


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10 fresh, organic Noni seeds (Morinda Citrifolia) from Hawaii. High germination rate under correct growing conditions. Noni prefers tropical, sub-tropical, warm/hot climate. Produces Noni fruit very fast, often within a year, and abundantly. All parts of the Noni tree were known to have various medicinal benefits in the days of the Kahuna (Hawaiian medicine man) and are now being re-confirmed through modern scientific research.

Noni is also known as Morinda Citrifolia and Indian Mulberry.

Noni is one of the most healing plants of Hawaii. Ancient Polynesians brought it to Hawaii in their canoes because they highly regarded as a healing medicinal plant. Noni tree produces Noni fruit very fast, often within a year, and abundantly – harvest all year ’round for many years!

The leaves can be used as bandage for minor cuts, bruises. Hawaiians used it for broken bones! The fruit can be juiced into an exceptional tonic (Noni juice!). Some people make tea out of the leaves, as well.

Easy to grow! Grows on it’s own. Just a bit of sunshine and occasional watering. Noni can grow in harsh environments most plants can’t survive. Noni is one of the first plants to grow in a new lava field! Meaning it can grow in lava rocks, but it can also grow in standing wet marshes that get ocean water! No wonder it’s so powerful!

According to Hawaiian legend, MAUI (the deity) was RESURRECTED after being wrapped in NONI leaf!!!!