Organic Farms in Hawaii

Grass fed beef grazing on a Kauai farm

Luckily Hawaii has a good amount of Organic Farms with most being on the Big Island. However, most Hawaii farms are not Organic and as a matter of fact much prime agricultural land is used for testing and growing of GMO crops (genetically modified organisms) also know as GE (genetically engineered). To stay clear of those toxic farms you can:

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Organic Farmers Markets in Hawaii

Organic Farming in Hawaii and worldwide is picking up steam as more and more farmers switch to organic growing. Organic produce availability varies from one Farmers Market to another because not all farmers have switched to organic farming yet.

As a result, some Farmers Markets may have organic produce all the time, while others may have it sometimes. We recommend that you contact them directly to be clear if what you’re looking for is available. If you know that a listed Farmers Market never has organic produce please contact us and we will remove it from the list.

You can always use the main menu at the top of every page to find a Hawaii Farmers Market near you!


Where to get Organic Food in Hawaii?

Hawaii Organic Green

It is becoming increasingly important to seek out healthy organic food due to the fact that toxic food is almost everywhere we turn. Regular non-organic food is grown using synthetic chemicals that are harmful not only to the bugs, the soil, and the ecosystem, but also our personal health.

Luckily there are more than a few spots in Hawaii where organic food and drinks can be found!

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  • Restaurants and Cafes that cater to health-conscious and eco-conscious customers in Honolulu and Hawaii.
  • Grocery Stores that carry organic groceries and organic produce in Hawaii.
  • Organic Farms that you may wish to visit for a tasting, tour, and perhaps take some fresh local organic produce back with you.
  • Farmers Markets where farmers from different farms get together in one location on a specific date and time to showcase their creations.

If you know of a new organic place in Hawaii or if something has changed with the current listings – let us know!

Bon Appétit ~ and Aloha!

200,000 years of Organic!

Most people don’t realize that humanity used to eat only organic food and use only 100% organic products for at least 200,000 years! Anatomically modern humans homo sapiens sapiens (that’s us) have been in existence for around 200,000 years and for most of this time, until recently, toxic and synthetic (non-organic) farming practices did not exist.

There was no need to label food “organic” because all food and other consumer products were organic, since synthetic production was not in existence. Today most food is no longer organic, as a result of synthetic and toxic farming practices in the name of profit and monopolization of the food supply. However, destroying the whole planet, the health of the people, and other forms of life is simply unacceptable.