Action Alert! Support Hawaii Organic Farms

Action Alert Support Organic Hawaii farms

Recently Hawaii became the first state in the US to pass legislation providing tax breaks for local farmers to offset the cost of getting certified organic! This bill would allocate up to $50,000 to each qualifying farm operation to cover such expenses as organic certification costs and equipment, for example.

Hawaii governor David Ige hasn’t yet decided whether he will sign it into law. You can take action and tell governor David Ige why it’s a great idea to have more organic farms in Hawaii, so he can sign this bill into law!

Here are some good reasons to support this cause, which would create: #1. more availability of certified organic/healthy food! #2. cheaper/sustained prices on organic (more supply = price goes down) #3. better for the environment and health!! These 3 reasons alone are a huge incentive to sign this legislation into law!

TAKE ACTION! Submit your comments to Gov. David Ige by June 27 deadline IN SUPPORT of “HB1689” HERE!

Mahalo to Hawaii representative Chris Lee, Hawaii Center for Food Safety and all those who support these positive changes!

Updates on this measure are published here