Aloe vera leaf (FRESH) 3 large leaves


3 large, fresh Aloe vera leaves grown organically in Hawaii. Large, mature Aloe leaf (about 1ft long, 2 inches wide at the base), organic, raw, healthy Aloe ready to be used (see below on how to prep). Good alternative to growing your own, since you won’t have to wait for this one to grow!

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Aloe vera is a popular ingredient in healthy smoothies. We use the following technique to prepare the Aloe vera leaf.

This fresh Aloe vera leaf is easy to fillet because it’s large. Simply cut off the sides (where the spikes are) and both ends using a sharp knife. Then, use a metal spatula, a large butter knife, or any flat, blunt object similar to remove the remaining Aloe vera leaf skin at the top and bottom. Soak Aloe vera fillets for 10 minutes or longer in a jar with preferably purified water. Repeat soak and rinse until the naturally occurring bitter taste disappears.

The most simple way to use Aloe vera is by applying it to skin that’s sunburned or damaged. Simply cut a 1.5 inch wide cross-section with a knife. Then, cut that cross-section down the middle through the gel, so that you have green skin on one side and Aloe vera gel on the other.