Raw Organic Hawaii Honey – Ohia Lehua Rainforest 8 fl. oz


Raw unfiltered Organic Hawaii Honey from our pure Ohia Lehua rainforest family farm. Glass mason jar. BPA free. 8 fl. oz.


This special Organic Hawaii honey comes from our very own pristine and isolated Ohia Lehua rainforest farm. It’s raw and unfiltered to preserve all the beneficial enzymes and vitamins this wholesome, natural, organic artisanal honey provides. Food safe and BPA-free glass mason jar can be reused after!

Ohia Lehua is a unique tree native to Hawaii that produces vibrant fiery red (and sometimes yellow) flowers that the bees absolutely love. Ohia Lehua is one of the first plants to grow after a lava flow.

The Ohia Lehua flowers are a symbol of Hawaiian culture and are often featured in traditional Hawaiian stories, songs, and chants.

In Hawaiian mythology, the Ohia Lehua is associated with the fire goddess Pele, who is said to have created the tree to recolonize the land after volcanic eruptions. The tree’s ability to thrive in harsh conditions and its bright, fiery flowers have led many to associate it with the goddess and her fiery powers.

Today, the Ohia Lehua is considered an important part of Hawaiian culture and is often protected and preserved in national parks and other conservation areas.