Thai Basil Seeds


Fresh organic Thai Basil seeds for planting. Non-GMO. 50 seeds. Thai basil (Ocimum basilicum), also known as Horapha and Vietnamese Basil is a flavorful, large green leaf sweet basil with purple flowers and stems. Organically grown in Hawaii with aloha in a pristine rainforest environment.



Easy to grow in warm climates. Grown in pots or directly in the garden. Perennial in subtropical/tropical climates. Can be grown as an annual in cooler temperate climates during summer months or taken indoors/greenhouse in a pot. USDA hardiness zone 10 and up.

Thai basil is one of the main signature ingredients in Thai cuisine. Native to Southeast Asia. Great in stir fries, soups, pho, curries, and other exotic dishes for that irreplaceable, fresh, signature flavor, and healthy, nutritious leafy greens. Can be made in to tea, as well. History of traditional medicinal.*