Mamaki Tea (Premium whole leaves)


Organic Hawaii Mamaki tea leaves for sale! Freshly harvested and shadow dried premium whole Mamaki leaves from our organic family farm to your kitchen! Easy brewing instructions included.


Mamaki is a unique native Hawaiian plant with a rich history of traditional use. It’s part of the Nettle family, but it doesn’t sting! Mamaki leaf tea contains more anti-oxidants than green tea and other types.

There are several varieties of Mamaki and we provide the more potent red veined variety.

Mamaki leaf tea has a mild and pleasant flavor and can be consumed without sugar or sweeteners.

Our Organic Hawaii grown Mamaki is non-gmo, vegan, and sustainably grown in a pristine, isolated Hawaiian rainforest environment.

Free of gluten. Free of caffeine.

Your purchase helps regrow and diversify Native Hawaii rainforest, small family farms, and organic farming.