Papaya tree (Non-GMO) Solo “Sunset”

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Organic non-gmo Papaya tree organically grown in organic (OMRI certified) soil. 3 gallon pot. About 1ft+ tall. At least 2 months old. Prefers full sun. Occasional watering. Ready for transplanting into well draining soil. Produces “Solo (Sunset)” variety papaya fruit – sweet, soft, and ono (delicious). Most popular variety worldwide.


Papaya is one of the fastest fruit producing trees out there. Papaya produces delicious fruit in only about 1 year, whereas most trees take 3 years or longer. Papaya is also known to be genetically modified, so it’s important to get organic non-gmo varieties to avoid GMO “Rainbow” papaya.

Solo “Sunrise” Papaya produces excellent  fruit weighing 1.1-2.2 lbs. Produces only female or hermaphrodite flowers, which is great since male flowers don’t bear fruit.

Solo Papaya was introduced to Hawaii in 1911 from Barbados. Largest Papaya plantations are on the Big Island of Hawaii in Puna.

Papaya is a popular home garden tree that’s easy to care for and compact.

Papaya leaves are traditionally made into a medicinal tea and Papaya seeds can be made into a black pepper substitute. Unripe papaya fruit is used to make the famous and healthy green papaya salad.