Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds (Argyreia Nervosa) HBWR


30 fresh organic HBWR seeds (Hawaiian Baby Woordrose). Hawaii grown with aloha and no chemicals.

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Fresh HBWR seeds! Organic Hawaiian Baby Woodrose (Argyreia Nervosa) seeds grown in Hawaii! Not treated. Pure organic, naturally grown. A strong, fast growing tropical vine that produces beautiful purple flowers.

Consuming seeds is known to produce hallucinations and in many cases causing nausea and vomiting as side effects. We do not advocate consumption, although this is a popular psychoactive botanical often compared to natural LSD and there is much information and testimonials online and in books.

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose is a very nice ornamental perennial plant that produces large heart-shaped green leaves that are pleasant to touch. HBWR spreads laterally and vertically very fast in warm or hot, sunny conditions. Thought to originate in India and related to Morning Glory family. Good if you need natural shade or a green touch to your fence.